10 Interesting Facts About Christianity


Christianity is thousands of years old and has shaped the world to what it has become today. It is one of the main religions of the world and is still expanding around the world. Knowing about Christianity as a Christian or from any other religion will only expand the knowledge that you have about it. These surprising facts about Christianity might be something you have never heard before.

Christianity has three branches

There are different communitites under Christianity, and each one has a different way of addressing the higher power. These are Catholism, Orthodox, and Protestantism. It can be further divided into 5 or more brances, but these three hold the majority of Christians around the world. About 50% of the Christians are Catholics and follow the sayings of Pope.

Christianity has 10 commandments

Christianity has a set of rules which every devoter follows, and are known as commandments. Surprisingly there are only 10 laws that a Christian needs to follow. These commandments are pretty simple but take a lot to follow for the entire life. It is a way of life that every faithful Christian should follow.


There is no original bible from the time of jesus

Bible has never been a single book, and the scriptures have been written and rewritten by various authors. The first bible was printed in 1455 named Gutenberg Bible. It was also the first book ever printed. The book has been translated into more than 3000 languages ever since. The oldest version of the old testament dates back to 2nd century BC. There are no original manuscripts of the new testament, but scholars approve that the bible remained the same as it was originally written.

100 million Bibles are sold every year

Since the beginning of the publishing of the Bible as the holy book of Christianity, it has spread across the world. It is one of the most sold books around the world and sells more than 100 million copies every year.

Christianity is one of the three Abrahamic Religions

Christianity has the same god as Judaism and Islam. All three religions come from the origins of Abraham and are called Abrahamic religions. Although there are many differences between the three religions, there are also many similarities, such as the name of Jesus is mentioned in the Quran as one of the prophets.


Jerusalem is the holiest City

Jerusalem is considered the the holiest place in Christianity, Judaism, as well as Muslims. It is a place every faithful Christian desire to visit once in their lives to connect with the divinity personally.

Chistianity speaks of heaven and hell

There is mentions of heaven and hell in all branches of Christianity. Heaven is a place for all the faithful Christians and provides eternal bliss with god, whereas Hell is where satan resides and is for those who have committed sin.

Baptism gets rid of your original sin

Once you are baptized, your original sin gets cleansed from your body, and your soul becomes pure. The original sin is inherited in everyone as the first humans, Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge which they were not supposed to.