Does Christianity Really Work For Me?

When someone asks if it is possible to be a Christian without belief in God, I usually tell them I have no idea. How could one be a Christian and not believe in God? Most people believe in some kind of god, it is just that the religion of their choice will differ. So, if you are saying that you believe in some form of God but can’t be a Christian because you don’t believe in God, I think you are most likely to go astray from the Christian faith.

The good thing about Christianity is the knowledge of Jesus Christ. He is such a personage as to know all things and is omnipotent. I think that is the only reason that Christianity has a chance of keeping you. So if someone asks if you are a Christian, what could you say to them?

Another thing I have learned over the years is that Christianity is a religion that can work for you. If you are a Christian and you have no faith in God then you are most likely to go wrong.

The religions that have been around for a while are the ones that tend to get all the followers. Although I would not go as far as to say these religions are the best way to go, they are not bad, just the way they are.

When you find yourself in a place where you want to make a change but you don’t know how, what are the chances that Christianity will give you the freedom you are looking for? Very little, especially if you are a non-believer in God.

So, as much as you may be a Christian but you think there is nothing to go by when you are going through your daily tasks or you need help in any area of your life, please stop thinking that way. I am telling you that there is truth in the words, Christianity gives you a shot to live your life. You might not see the point of Christianity for yourself right now, but one day you might change your mind. And with God helping you through it.

There are some people who use religion as an excuse to try and change their God. These people would rather stop believing than change anything. That is the biggest mistake a non-believer can make.

The world will become a better place when more people believe in Christianity. It does not matter what beliefs they have, it is the quality of their life that counts. If someone has never prayed before then they probably should start and if someone believes in Jesus Christ as his savior, then I believe he should start.

Even though we can’t go back in time, we can change the outcome by believing in God. It is just the way the world works.

It is quite amazing how many people are choosing to join religions that have nothing to do with God. And it is very sad.

Maybe Christianity doesn’t really work for you, but what else does? Then you have to ask yourself that question.

You can get the answer to that question by looking up the God’s name. When you find him or her, ask them to come down and live for you. No one else can do it, only the one who believes in him or her can.