Education For Our Children

leaf in hand

In the last year, we have seen the establishment of institutions like National University of Reason in Michigan and the Vision America in Idaho. Both these schools recognize that a key ingredient to the growth of the United States of America is the flow of people that are religious. Religious belief has been one of the main drivers of the American progress for the last few decades. In order to do this, the religions are sending their children into school.

In order to give back to society, our founding fathers created our first religions.

These religions were called the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Catholic. These denominations brought in hundreds of thousands of people who were initially never taught about any of the main faiths. As these schools grew and made their way through the U.S. government, they taught the immigrant and returning culture, in addition to the nationalistic beliefs of their countries.

One example of this is in the school buildings. Where the school buildings are concerned, nearly everyone that has some form of religion, has a church or temple.

Schools are vital to our society as they have been since the start of our nation. There are several reasons why.

The most important is that these schools provide civic contributions to the community.

These communities become more effective when the public schools are properly maintained.

Second, these schools provide children a role model to emulate. The history of these schools is symbolic of what America has been. The schools will always be a part of the history of the United States.

Third, the Bible itself is very symbolic of our history. We use the Bible to help us understand what we are fighting for and what we stand for, as we fight for our liberties.

Finally, the Bible is a great book of wisdom. It is a gift from God to show us what to do and how to live, while not making demands. Instead, it teaches us how to obey the laws of nature.

The one thing that has made America great, is our reverence for our Founding Fathers. That is the reason that these schools are to be a part of the nation’s history. The founding fathers took great pains to make sure that their religions did not overtake the nation.

As a nation, it is our founding fathers that should be honored. They did not sacrifice much to create the United States of America.

  • The Christian schools that continue to grow and prosper, are to be given our respect, not only for our religious beliefs but for the education that they provide to our children.
  • Religion, Spiritual, Spiritualism, spirituality, and religious belief are all facets of our spiritual society.
  • Our history and our future lies in the hands of these institutions, in order to provide our children with the foundations of a good society.