How to Support Your Local Church


There are several ways you can support your local church other than making donations. You can get involved in the ministry of the Church and enjoy doing work you think you are good at.


You can teach a class of children or adults about something you have good knowledge about. You can teach people new things and improve their knowledge base. Check with the ministry for the requirements of people and if you think you can teach certain things, go forward.


If you feel you are good at helping others with their problems, you can become a personal mentor for those who seek help. It will give you one-on-one teaching experience and knowing more about the people at the church.


Greet people

You can make someone’s day at your church by going to them and asking how they are. If you are good at striking conversations with people, become an official or unofficial church greeter. This will create a friendlier environment at your church and people will feel free to interact with anyone.

Send cards and letters

Send the cards and letters to people who have not been making it to the church at meetings. Get to know about their well beings and make sure that they are fine. If someone is having a baby, send best wishes with cards. You can even connect with them through email.


You can make food every Sunday for people who visit the church. Talk with your ministry about joining the cooking section and create unique recipes for people to enjoy after prayers. Make sweet candies and cookies for kids at home and distribute them during the Church timings.


If you have a van, you can use it to provide a lift to families and kids in the neighbourhood during the church visits. You can ask the ministry that they have a bus or van that needs drivers. Ask people if they would require pick & drop service every Sunday so you can help them with commutes.

Cleaning Of Church


You can provide an extra hand in the cleaning of the church. You can ask the ministry if they need volunteers in keeping the church neat and tidy. It will not provide you with an official position, but you can still serve the Church and maintain it, so people feel fresh and good.

Lawn Care

The outside of the Church is as important to maintain as the insides. If you feel the grass has been growing tall from a long time and needs mowing, you can take responsibility by asking permission from the ministry.


Even churches are not exempted from the responsibility of keeping up with technology. Experienced IT professionals can donate their time and help with a church’s computer infrastructure maintenance.

Event manager

You can also become an event manager for your church by talking with the ministry. Tell them about how qualified you are and your previous managements. You will have to manage everything from decorations to the guest list and their needs as well. You also need to take the responsibility of cleaning up after the event ends to make sure you complete your job properly.