Major World Religions Apart From Christianity


The faith of most of the people in the world holdsthe utmost value to one or the other religion. There is also a small percentage of people who do not believe in any particular religion or are in search of something more divine. Each religion offers a certain way of living which decides how your life changes to offer your success and happiness. There are multiple major religions around the world, and each one has their own gods and beliefs.


Hindus have the maximum number of representations of gods and goddesses. They have the choice of creating their own gods which is ultimately is the creation of the ultimate oneness of the universe. Hindus pray in temples and have idols to pray to such as statues, trees, animals and almost anything.

Hindus believe in the idea of rebirth, and the ‘Karma’ or actions we take in thing life will be accountable for what we become in next life. The goal of Hindus is to become free of the cycle of karma and continuous reincarnations. Only then the soul will be free of the chaos and be at rest. There are different techniques like meditation and devoting oneself to a diety for breaking the cycle. The festivals in Hinduism also hold diverse celebrations and rituals filled with colors, lights, and joy.


New Age Spirituality

This is not a religion but a way of life which people accept to reach their ultimate potentials. Achieving spirituality through the development of one’s own will and divinity is the way to eternal happiness. While praying, spiritual people do not refer to any god or diety, but to themselves and their higher conscious state. They believe that the cosmos, universe, and the god is within themselves. New Age Spirituality is an interesting collection of ancient traditions and extracts from Hinduism. All our emotions are considered as illusions which divert us from the beauty of life. Removing all the negativity from their lives and creating their own realities gives them the power of being their own gods.


Buddhism is a religion which does not worship any gods. Infact, Buddha did not claim to be divine. Buddhist only look at him as the guru who attained the eternal truth which they seek. Buddha is said to have attained spiritual enlightment and freedom from the continuous cycle of life and death. Most of the Buddhists believe inthe endless cycle of rebirth, which only brings more suffering. They use disciplines, values, and directive that a person should live by to attain freedom and bliss.



Muslims believe in one almighty god, Allah who watches over all and makes the ultimate judgement of everyone. Allah is viewed as the creator of everything and the source for all good and evil. Allah is the most powerful, and everything happens at his will. The followers of Allah have the relationship of master and servant with him. Mohammed was considered as the last prophet who spoke for Allah and brought his rules and laws to people. To be a muslim, you need to follow the scriptures written by the prophets, which include the prayers you need to do actively five times a day. The five duties that a faithful muslim should follow are: Repeat a creed about Allah and Muhammad, doing the prayers, giving to the needy, fast for an entire month each year and quit having sex, drink, and smoking from sunrise to sunset, and visit the pilgrimage atleast once in their lives.