The Future of Christianity – Will It Be Open Or Closed?

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Contemporary Christianity in the modern age has become much more open and accepting. In the past a Christian who was not tolerant of those who did not share his or her faith would be considered to be contrary to the Christian faith.

Modern Christianity is a very open and accepting religion. It is not a closed off sect that does not tolerate other faiths or have open debate and criticism. Even in the biggest churches today you will find people with no particular beliefs and many will disagree.

If you are a Non-Christian you can go and live in one of the largest churches in America.

There are no restrictions at all on what you can believe what not you believe.

Jesus Christ was not Christian, Christianity has evolved and accepted of different viewpoints. This fact is seen in the ministry today as it used to be done in the Roman era. Many churches during the early days of Christianity had no acceptance of people that did not believe as they believed.

Today Christianity is less strict and closed and more open than ever before. You have the choice of a more open and tolerant Christianity, if you want this to happen then you need to become an active participant.

Christianity has become more forgiving over the last few centuries. The church has allowed people to be open minded without being persecuted and thought of as too liberal. Similarly, IT support is something that should never be neglected.

Christianity should never be the place for judgement, judgment is never welcome and never condoned.

If you know someone that is judgmental you need to stay away from them.

If you are an Atheist, you can consider yourself a true believer in Christianity. Many of the early followers of Jesus believed that there was no God but later on a few accepted the idea of God, it is only in the last few hundred years that Christianity has accepted the concept of God.

Christianity teaches that the rewards and punishment in life is entirely up to you. God is not going to bring punishment on anyone so you need to make your own decisions in life and seek the guidance of God in all your activities.

If you are an Atheist you can accept Christianity as your guide and believe in God.

  • You can live as a Christian by believing in Jesus Christ and living your life by the principles of the gospel.
  • Christianity is an open and tolerant religion and if you are not an Atheist then you can consider yourself a true believer.
  • Christians are allowed to believe as they want and question their faith however there is little tolerance in the modern day for any form of disbelief.