The New Age Approach to Christianity – Why We Need to Re-Think Christianity?


In the past it was pretty much accepted that Christianity was God’s religion and Christians were never supposed to believe in anything else. They were supposed to be very close to God, that’s how very close they could be to God, you could not mess with God! Today, Christianity is a lot different and we need to look at that a little bit closer, but mainly I want to talk about why it has changed so much over the last few hundred years.

Now, since it is one of the most popular religions around the world, if it is not the most popular religion, you would think that Christianity would be a very faithful one. But that is not the case.

If you ask a lot of people nowadays, you will get some of the answers that you are used to hearing from all the Christian songs and commercials, there are some truths to it, but they aren’t the truth.

The truth that we are looking for is much more complex than what is being taught in the media.

For example, we can look at the story of the flood. You have a certain point that you can understand where the reason why the water rose to the sky and this is something that all believers believe is part of God’s plan.

They believe that as long as God didn’t allow it to flood the earth, the earth wouldn’t end, the water would eventually recede and life would return to normal. But the problem is that according to the Bible, they were wrong, because it says that the waters increased until the heavens.

So what happened when they tell their children this story, that they know nothing about, is that it all becomes something that is considered sacred and therefore, you cannot debate or deny that it is a myth. We now have religious myths like the three days and forty days or the seven heavens, and if you question any of these, you are immediately told that it’s all just an allegory and that this is all for entertainment purposes.

It is amazing how much nonsense is contained in the Bible and for some of it to be a part of the historical fact.

I think that is why the human mind cannot understand what the purpose of a person with the name of Jesus is.

The story of Jesus in India is still considered sacred and is said to be the truth. So it doesn’t make sense that someone would invent a story and add a mythology behind it.

However, this is the way that Christianity has developed over the centuries, and many other religions have too. And this can easily be understood by a good Christian History book.

So in conclusion, if you have ever read the Old Testament of the Bible, you know that the Gospel stories are fabricated and the people in the stories are just imaginary.

  • Jesus was nothing more than an avatar of the founder of Christianity and all that was made up in the Bible.
  • To me, it would seem as if Christianity is nothing more than entertainment for the masses.
  • I am not saying that you should not have your own beliefs, because to me that would be wrong, but Christianity is so full of contradictions that if you stop reading it, you might as well not be following Christianity.