Whatever the case, each Christian denomination is separate from the others. Nevertheless, they all believe in Jesus Christ, His suffering, and the power of His death. How Do I Know If I Am A Catholic Or a Christian?

Most of us believe that the Christian Church is the same as the Christian faith. However, it must be stated that there are more than one Christian denomination. This article seeks to provide a brief overview of all these denominations.

Catholic Church. Catholicism in the United States was, until the Second Vatican Council (1950), widely accepted as the official religion of the United States. It was strongly opposed by a number of the Protestant denominations. Despite this, many feel that it has become stronger over the years.

Lutheran. Lutherans are also part of the Roman Catholic Church. They are by far the largest denomination in the United States.

Presbyterian. They do not adhere to the Catholic Church’s doctrine on marriage. Instead, they recognize the authority of each church.

Church of Christ. A small denomination that includes most non-Catholic Christians. They believe in a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit.

Baptist. The origins of the Church of Christ date back to the 17th century. The denomination traces its roots to Methodist, although the name is considered derogatory in other parts of the world.

Baptist Churches will not allow women to hold leadership positions in their churches. They reject the idea of a Trinity. They do not believe in making laws or taking any action in church affairs.

Pentecostal. They believe in speaking in tongues, speaking in another language, and having visions. Some will claim that this is not the true Christian faith.

As you can see, there are more than one form of Christianity. Some people consider themselves to be members of more than one denomination. Others feel as though they are members of only one.

While it is possible to be both Catholic and Christian, the situation may be slightly different. Most Catholics will feel that they are either Catholic or of no particular denomination.

In contrast, a person who claims to be a Christian may not be Catholic. On the other hand, there are some denominations that will see a Christian as belonging to no denomination at all. For instance, the Adventist Church does not differentiate between Adventists and Christians.